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Questions about me?  Let's do this thing!


I grew up in Seattle back in the old days.  It was dark, it was wet and you always had sap on your feet.  We all had smelly wool sweaters and salmon was crazy cheap.


This is proto-Seattle.  Check out that sweet dome.

And these are some of my favorite seaweeds and kelp.

I majored in Zoology in college, but when I realized that it didn't involve petting zebras, I decided to get a printmaking degree and a MFA as well. 
(Spoiler alert, also no zebras.)

Mainly, I've worked in contemporary art museums and galleries. We'll just say I've seen my fair share of video art.

Along the way, I accumulated a few great roommates.


This guy.

This kid.

This kid too.


There's also a cat.


And this jerk.
Really, he's the worst.
We have some differences of opinion.


Currently, I live in Upstate New York in a town called Schenectady.  It's a land of noisy insects, abandoned factories and excellent soft serve ice cream.

I have a little studio here where I draw and write, mostly with watercolors and generally all by hand.  Let me know if you'd like to see more or chat about some of my ideas!  

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